Any business, to work and remain competitive in the local and worldwide market, needs continuous innovation and interaction with distributed resources, customers, internal staff, supplier or any other subject involved in the chain. With the need to be helped driving and developing all these tasks and be ready on time.


Innovation in an enterprise involves using technology in new ways to create a more efficient organization. Businesses of all types need effective solutions to reach their ‘always on’ users with content and applications delivering any experience, to any device, anywhere and the Information Technology becomes the turning point of a goal or fiasco..


ERP, E-Commerce, IT Project Management, Mobile App, Distributed Applications, Web Service, System Integration, Social Networks, SEO, Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence, Web Project Management, VOIP, GeoLocation, HTML5, Network, CRM ... are just some examples, how Tecnnology drives innovation into any business.

You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness.

— Thomas Sankara more

Our Team

Our Staff is composed by extremely different figures in terms of Skills, Cultures and Experiences able together or alone, to easy interfacing any aspects of business or projects.

Nick Kalabash
General Manager

Pier Luigi Aliberti
IT Project Manager and Partner

Yasmina Leussa
Financial and Business Analist

Inma Lazaro
Art Director
Christian Ngakam
Marketing Manager
Marguerite Tchewe
Monrovia Center Manager

Odette Aseuma: Communication
Liam Saini: Software Engeneer
Rufio Lozano Nuñez: Web Developer and Design
Arun Sara: Software Developer

Free Lance and Partnership Staff to cover 360°, the needs of our Customers

Our Partners

A wise person will always find a way

Tanzanian proverb


Here a Portfolio of some works, categorised:

To get lost is to learn the way.”

Ghanian proverb

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